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“I regard myself as an amateur today, and I hope that’s what I will stay until the end of my life. Because I’m forever a beginner who discovers the world again and again.” ~ André Kertész

Welcome to The Beginners’ Lens – we are a team of enthusiastic photographers dedicated to providing the best tips, tricks, and tutorials to other photographers of all levels.

Photo enthusiast, Guy Yang, set up The Beginners’ Lens in 2010. With his passion for digital photography (point & shoot and DSLR) and the upcoming craft of mobile photography, he was keen to find a way to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with a larger community. The idea behind this website came from the desire to help other casual photographers climb the photography learning curve, at their own speed, whatever the starting point.

We work as a team here at The Beginners’ Lens, and we’ll do our best to help you in any way we can. If you’ve got a question that we can’t answer…we’ll find the right person for the job. You can contact us here.


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What We Write About…

Here at The Beginners’ Lens, we write about pretty much anything photography related, from the point of view of a casual snapper – with content for photographers just starting out to those who have been taking photos for many years; if it’s an interesting photographic subject, we’ll cover it. We also like to review the latest Gear & Software, and create videos on hot topics.

Want To Write For Us?

Are you a photographer with a tip or a tutorial to share? We are looking for passionate digital camera owners and photographers of all levels to share their photos, experiences, and photography-related submissions. Learn More.

Product Reviews

We accept a limited number of products for review each month, including gear, software, online photo services, and prototype equipment. We aim to provide an accurate, honest, and unbiased review of the products we receive. Each product is thoroughly tested by an experienced and appropriate member of The Beginners’ Lens team. Please keep in mind that we cannot return or refund any samples that you provide to us for testing. If you would like more information on product reviews please get in touch.

About Our Flash Rating


= Don’t spend your hard earned money on this.

= Some decent features, but there’s better out there.

= Good, but not GREAT.

= Great product, money well spent.

= Buy it, now!

We also sometimes give 1/2 flashes which denotes the product is halfway to the next step up!

Contests & Giveaways

We occasionally host reader contests and product giveaways, and many of our giveaways are run in conjunction with the product reviews. Product giveaways are completely random and unbiased, and the contest winner is selected by a random number generator.


We aim to provide accurate, honest, and unbiased opinions, information, reviews, tips, and tutorials for photographers of all levels. The opinions shared by members of The Beginners Lens are representative of the The Beginners’ Lens. The opinions posted by visitors to The Beginners’ Lens are solely representative of the person who posted them. The Beginners’ Lens will not be held responsible for opinions posted on our website by members or visitors.

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