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Hey look it's Guy!

Guy Yang

Guy is a Parisian photography enthusiast and iPhoneographer. His friends and family consider him their go-to person for anything photography related and from that, the idea for The Beginners’ Lens was born! He started this project in 2010, and together with the rest of the team, he’s helping people all over the world become better digital and iPhone photographers!

Guy is a real “ideas man” and he’s constantly coming up with new and exciting for The Beginners’ Lens. He’s also in charge of producing and editing all the videos.

Hey look it's Audrey!

Audrey Taylor

Audrey is an American ex-pat living in London. She’s a real foodie and loves taking photos of practically everything she eats (she takes photos of other stuff too…but mostly food).

Audrey also brings a lot of ideas to the table, she works in a creative capacity taking care of the digital side of things, and writing content for the site.

Hey look it's Kristine!

Kristine Magadia

Kristine is a photography enthusiast living in Manila, she writes articles and digital content for the site. You can read her handiwork all over the site!

Hey look it's Rebecca!

Rebecca Arnold

Rebecca is a Canadian illustrator…you may have already guessed, but she hand-drew the images of the team! As you can see, she’s darn good at what she does. She’s also created all of the cartoon characters in the Tips & Tricks section, so be sure to check those out.

Hey look it's Emin!

Emin Roblack

Hailing from Belgrade, Emin is the team’s digital animator, he’s responsible for all those cool animations you can see in our videos.

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