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Do you know your iPhone has a secret wide angle lens?

Sometimes, I wish I had more space behind myself so that I could move backward and capture more of the scene. But often times, I can’t.

A quick solution to that is to use the panorama function available in iOS6 for the iPhone 4S and 5 (sorry but owners of earlier iPhone versions are out of luck on this one).

You’ll be able to get a much wider field of view – similar to what a wide angle lens would provide. To make it effective, do not go too far towards the end of the panorama band, otherwise you’ll get a standard, strip panorama photo that’s hard to apprehend with just one glance.

Have a look at the photos below to get a better sense of what I mean. I took both from the same place.

Regular iPhone photo (edited for color)

Regular iPhone photo (edited for color)

Photo taken with panorama feature, used as a wide angle lens replacement.

Regular iPhone photo (edited for color)

What a difference! Same photo size, but the second image has much more to show.


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