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The first iPhoneography talk show is out!



Great news! …Well, this may not be real news for you if you’ve seen the video on one of our partners’ site, as we recently teamed up with six blogs dedicated to iPhoneography to launch iPhoneographers Talk – the first online show dedicated to the iPhoneography community! And we purposefully published it here a couple of days after our friends and partners did, as a courtesy to them.

Here’s a quick rundown: Guy Yang (author of this post) from The Beginners Lens and Jack Hollingsworth – professional photographer and passionate iPhoneographer – host the show. Throughout the episodes, we will cover a great variety of iPhone Photography topics, including apps, iphoneographer and app developer interviews, portfolio reviews, tips, resources, etc.

In this episode, we introduce ourselves, have a brief discussion about Jack’s great 2-day workshop at the beginning of January, and if you sit through till the end, you’ll learn about a very useful iPhone photography tip!



Resources discussed in this episode:

Jack’s 2-day Workshop on CreativeLive

Guy’s iPhoneography video course



iPhoneographers Talk


4 Responses to “The first iPhoneography talk show is out!”

  1. Hey, thanks for the great tutorials on iphoneography!

    I use iphone for all the photos on my blogs and I LOVE it!!

    Can check them out here:


  2. Please keep making these videos. I definitely enjoyed it guys thanks! I’m still working on mastering the exposure with my photos. As far as editing goes, are there any apps you guys favor to use?

    • Jason childers
    • Reply
    • Hi Jason! It’s great to hear you enjoy it! Regarding editing apps, FilterStorm and PhotoForge2 are the most advanced ones. But you may find they are a bit complex too. Picture show, snapseed and picfx are simpler and yield excellent results.

      • Guy Yang
  3. I think it would be better to just get on with the show and not say so much about what’s GOING to happen but just let it happen, because it’s already been introduced in the email. It was difficult to get through that part and I found myself thinking, “just get on wtth it!”. Hope this feels like the constructive criticism it’s meant to be.

    • Kathy
    • Reply

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