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Is Cloud Storage the best location for your iPhone photos?

I recently did an in-depth price comparison between cloud storage, hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs). The result is very interesting. So much so I’ve shifted my perspective on each of these solutions.

Have a look at this short video – 5 min. You’ll get a better sense of how to best combine all storage location options.

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8 Responses to “Is Cloud Storage the best location for your iPhone photos?”

  1. Flickr now works for me as external cloud storage: 1 TB free; unlimited free if you are a Flickr Pro member, which I am. But I guess the big question is “Will Flickr survive over the long haul?”

    • Robert
    • Reply
    • Yes, Flickr seems to be a great offer. Last time I looked at it though, I did not find an easy way to upload photos massively (I have close to 50 Go of photos to transfer). I figured that was on purpose. But I may have missed something…

      • Guy Yang
  2. Very interesting – thanks Guy! I totally agree about the Cloud solution – not cheap but useful for sharing and synching photos. I will probably use an SDD.

    • beth
    • Reply
  3. Thank you for this excellent analysis, which pretty well supports what I have been doing. Now, I don’t have *massive* amounts of photos or videos, but I do use cloud services mainly for syncing between my laptop, iPhone, and iPad.

  4. Interesting price comparisons Guy. Had been thinking of SSD lately to see if I can get it installed in my Mac, but most of my photos are stored on 2gb external drives and I use Dropbox for customers to see proofs of any portrait sittings, luckily I got all my storage free on Dropbox from people joining it from my recommendation. Hope you keeping well these days. Gerry

    • Hello Gerry, nice hearing from you! I use the exact same configuration you do: Dropbox as a syncing and sharing tool and external hard drives (a Drobo). I did get 25GB free on Dropbox from my Android phone, but that’s only for 2 years. At the moment, I’m looking into solutions to share my main photo folder directly online (directly from my hard drive), so that I can sync and share without using any cloud storage service.

      • Guy Yang
  5. You made a lot of sence, I use Icloud for syncing, I save my photoes from my computer to CD, DVD, But I never thought of a SSD, I am going to take that into serious condersation and probly will do that in the very,very near furture.

    • Juanita Miller
    • Reply
    • Juanita, SSDs are great. I’ve been using an internal SDD for the past 3 years and I love it. Really fast, silent and sturdy. But it’s only 128GB and I don’t use it for my photos and videos because it would fill up too quickly.
      You can find affordable 250GB SSDs (around $1/GB). Depending on how many videos you take, that could be enough. For photos only, it’s plenty of space for years to come!

      • Guy Yang

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