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Is Instagram more popular than Twitter?

You wonder how popular Instagram really is? Wishpond has an answer for you with this cool graphic!

I was surprised to discover that the photo sharing network has more daily engaged users than twitter. Indeed, a little less than 10% of Instagram’s 80 million users are active. That was on average, last summer. I found that percentage pretty low, but this is still more than Twitter, according to Wishpond. Is that a surprise to you as well?


You can access the original article here.


5 Responses to “Is Instagram more popular than Twitter?”

  1. I think instagram is more popular than twitter

  2. :)

    • cheyennelalonde
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  3. Why is Instrgarm more popular than any athor website

  4. Hi my name is Micki Hall and I love Instrgram you get to talk to your friends and all of that jazz

  5. i think instagram is a lot more popular than twitter

    • maya wright
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