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Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

NB: The app I mentioned on this page a while ago is not appropriate anymore. Apparently, Apple has made it very difficult to undelete photos recently and most developers are struggling with making software that can recover photos properly. I’m currently looking into and testing potential solutions. As soon as I find one, I’ll write a new post here. Guy

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Accidentally deleting your photos is probably the worst thing that can happen to a photographer. Imagine you were asked to shoot photos at your dad’s 50th birthday party, using your iPhone. A 50th birthday is obviously a special day which you can’t just rewind and replay if something goes wrong. So what happens if you accidentally erase the photos? Are all of those precious moments lost and gone forever? OH %*^&$(%*!!!

But wait! Disaster averted thanks to a handy little thing called photo recovery! You can recover deleted iPhone photos in just a few minutes! But how??

When you erase files such as images, these files are not always deleted permanently from the device’s hard drive. The files are just being removed from visibility, and by moving these files from visibility the user can now re-use the space they were taking up. So unless you’ve overwritten the space they occupied with new files, your invisible files remain on the hard drive. Here’s a top tip! If you accidentally delete a photo (or a hundred photos) run the photo recovery software immediately after you delete the photos to ensure your data is still on the hard drive.

You could use a program called Stellar Photo Recovery, which is available for download at This software is advertised to work on all cameras and devices such as USB cards, SD/SDHC cards, and of course the iPhone. You can download a free version of this so you can test it first before jumping onboard with the pro version.

Here’s how to restore deleted photos off your iPhone using Stellar Photo Recovery, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer (this software is available for PC and Mac).
  2. Open and load Stellar Photo.
  3. Choose on the appropriate drive under the removable drives tab.
  4. Click on Start Scan.

Stellar Photo Recovery will then provide you with a list and preview of the photos that can be recovered.

Again, as a friendly reminder, do not forget to make backup copies of your photos. Don’t wait until all of your photos are gone to realize you should be backing up regularly. With hard drives, CDs, DVDs and online storage there’s no reason not to back up – but if you still haven’t, get yourself a photo recovery program, stat!

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24 Responses to “Recover Deleted iPhone Photos”

  1. I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 6 software and it wiped my information what software can I use to retrieve it without paying for it?

    • Clare
    • Reply
    • Hi Clare, the software that I mentioned on this page is not appropriate anymore. Apparently, Apple has made it very difficult to undelete photos recently. I’m currently looking into potential solutions. As soon as I find one – hopefully I will – I’ll write a new post here.

      • Guy Yang
    • Always good to keep a safe backup of your iPhone data and to backup iphone photos either via iTunes sync (at the end of the day as I do) or via alternative methods to avoid having to worry about restoring.

      • steve
    • I don’t think you it recovery deleted messages from an ios device.

      • isabella
  2. Hello, I was just wondering if you could help me, I deleted these photos of me and my friend but I regret Doing it! I was wonder if I could retrieve them? But I read on other sites that if u back up you’re phone blah blah it will be on the computer but I haven’t synced my phone since than, I deleted it straight from my camera roll! :/

    && the phone is an iPhone4..

  3. Hi, what if I accidentally deleted some videos as well as photos of mine on my iPhone 5?(Camera Roll) Is there any way to retrieve it back? I do not have any back ups for it .

    • Lin
    • Reply
  4. Hi, I have deleted a photo just today and I want it back so if I download this I can get that photo back? Also I can’t connect to a computer for 2 days if I don’t take any pictures will that one photo be there?

    • Rachel
    • Reply
    • Hello Rachel, since the iPhone 4S, recovering deleted photos on the iPhone has become virtually impossible. I wrote that post a long time ago, for iOS4. This software could work (I have not tried it yet), but it works for iPhone 4 and 3GS. You could use the trial version.

      • Guy Yang
  5. I just purchased am iphone 5. I went straight from the store to a show, where i took pictures. I then got home and didn’t back up the new phone. I simply restored it from my old phones back up. Is there any way to get those new pictures back?

    • Jp
    • Reply
    • Hi JP, I’m afraid nothing can be done at this point. Your new photos have been deleted when you installed the backup. If you had PhotoStream on before restoring the backup, your photos may be in the stream still (go to photostream in the album list, or look into iPhoto if you had set it up for that). That’s the only thing I can think of at this point.

      • Guy Yang
  6. I accidentally deleted a video from photostream that was very very important and I am in deep doodoo :-(. How or can it be retrieved??
    Please help!!

    • Darlene R
    • Reply
    • Hi Darlene, to my knowledge, PhotoStream does not handle videos yet, just photos at this point. Did you mean you’ve deleted the video from your Camera Roll?

      • Guy Yang
    • No, my sister was in Disneyland and took a video and it was on the photostream. I deleted not meaning too and now I am in deep trouble. I’m trying to get it back.

      • Darlene R
    • Oops! No, it’s an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

      • Darlene R
  7. Is there a way to just get 1 picture without getting into the big mess of downloading all of that software?

    • Helpless
    • Reply
    • Hello Macy, there’s no way to recover undeleted photos without software. Apple has made it even worse for iPhone 4S and 5: you just can’t recover photos on the iphone directly (only from your iTunes back up – if you had not backed up your iPhone, as for the vast majority of us, you’re toast. I’m sorry to say Apple is having an unfriendly policy in that regard.

      • Guy Yang
    • I am the one who has bugged the world about my sons photographs. I am so sorry. I would just love to get some of the back. Here is one more thing that “isn’t good.” He has taken a zillion pictures since then. Is there still a chance the software might help? Thank you very much – Carolyn Eagle

      • Carolyn Eagle
    • Hello Carolyn, I saw your comment a while back and did some research on that topic for you. I have to say I do not have much good news. If your son has an iPhone 4 or older, it might have been possible to get some photos back with software, IF he had not taken many photos since. what happens is new photos are written on top of deleted photos. For the iPhone 4S and 5, you can recover photos only from a back up, not from the phone. And I bel. PS: my earlier reply on that topic was for you , but for some reason, I called you Macy – sorry for the confusion.

      • Guy Yang
  8. Thanks to Stellar photo recovery software. I recovered my all precious college days pictures from my SDHC memory card.

    • KeithBrown
    • Reply
    • Hi – our son “restored or synced ?” his iPhone in July. He lost all of his April, May, and June (senior year) pictures. He has taken many pictures since then. Within an hour of his “restoring/syncing” his phone – we went to an Apple store to ask what we could do to get his pictures. They didn’t know nor did they advise him to take more. I have not given up on “finding” the pictures. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Carolyn Eagle

      • Carolyn Eagle
    • Keithbrown I am so happy for you. Enjoy and treasure those pictures forever!

      • Helpless
  9. There is also a new software name Wondershare Dr.Fone which can recover the lost iPhone data.

    • catherine
    • Reply
    • I am not sure if any of the responses fit “our” situation. I am the one whose son synced the phone and lost his senior year pictures. I don’t think he had backed up anything. I wish I knew more so I could tell if any of the solutions fit our situation. If someone doesn’t mind – would you please emailme directly and let me know. I am sorry to impose. I just can’t tell if people are answering me or someone else. Thank you very much – Carolyn Eagle

      • Carolyn Eagle
  10. how about using Photo Saver app from myphonedata? It seems to be much more reasonable and easy to use as compares to the one you’ve mentioned!

    • Evi
    • Reply

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