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Story: How professional photographer Jack H. became a mobile photographer

Jack Hollingsworth has a 30-year long career in artistic and commercial photography. He’s been on all continents and has traveled on all seas and oceans with his reflex cameras. But in 2011, he has found a new and amazing source of inspiration through iPhone photography.

On January 30th, 2013 Jack will be on stage at MacWorld in San Francisco, with a couple other distinguished iPhoneographers. Apple has noticed how skillful he’s been with his iPhone Camera ans has invited him over. To all burgeoning phoneographers: take heed!

In this wonderful video, he tells us all about that story and shows us gorgeous images he’s taken with his iPhone.


7 Responses to “Story: How professional photographer Jack H. became a mobile photographer”

  1. I echo and believe what you’re saying Jack. For me, as a professional photographer of 10 years, the iPhone is a just another tool, a solid photography tool. It is still about the photography for me. It has renewed my love of photography, it’s the camera that is always with me, but what is essential is the vision, knowing how to see the light and composition.

  2. I love your photos and the video. Very inspiring. .

    • Maria Sacadura
    • Reply
  3. Your conversion to the iPhone is almost the identical to my own. Mine was in Italy on a photo trip and I was taking some pictures with my Nikon and I took a couple of shots also on the iPhone, like you I looked at them and went “they look good” by the third day I had left my Nikon behind and was just using the iPhone. I have not stopped since. Keep up the good work Jack.

  4. thanks for the supportive words.
    you’re right…it comes down to seeing more than capturing.

    and, at the end of the day, it’s still about vision and not technology.

    keep shooting!!!

    the iPhone is a game changer!!!!

  5. I love iPhone as a capture device and spend a great deal of time editing iphone images for instagram, facebook, twitter etc.. What I feel this great video shows us that great photography is more about the photographer and their vision rather than the device. Give this guy a $5 instant and he’ll probably take fantastic images.

  6. This was very nice and inspiring. No wonder Jack has been invited to speak at MacWorld. Thank you.

  7. awesome work, awesome video


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