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Is Cloud Storage the best location for your iPhone photos?

I recently did an in-depth price comparison between cloud storage, hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs).…

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Inspiring shots and iPhoneography tips from Jack Hollingsworth

Jack has put together an awe-inspiring presentation with amazing shots, useful tips and a lively video!…

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iPhoneography Quick Tip: When NOT to Use HDR on Your iPhone

It occurred to us recently we’ve talked a heck of a lot about when to use HDR, how to use HDR, and some of the best HDR apps available for the iPhone…but actually we haven’t covered in any depth when NOT to use HDR on your iPhone.…

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5 Tips for Using Natural Window Light for iPhone Portraits

For most amateur and enthusiastic photographers, using the natural light available is the best way to get a more professional look to your photographs without having to splash out for big expensive lighting equipment.…

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iPhoneography Quick Tip: Rotate Sideways iPhone Photos

It seems like more often than not when receiving an MMS or text message with a photo to my iPhone that the photo comes in sideways…huh?!…

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6 Tips For Photographing Height and Depth

Whether you’re shooting with a DSLR or a smartphone, capturing the scale of a natural landscape can be difficult.…

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iPhoneography Quick Tip: Delete Photos From Photo Stream

Up until recently there was one hugely annoying thing about Photo Stream…uh…you couldn’t actually delete photos!…

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Secure Your iPhone to Keep Your Photos Safe

You may remember awhile back when we wrote about the Lock My Photos App?…

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iPhoneography Quick Tip: Create More Space on Your iPhone

To follow on from last week’s iPhoneography Quick Tip where we talked about speeding up your iPhone camera for iPhoneography, today we’re discussing a few ways to find more space on your phone so you can take more photos!…

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Watermarking Your Web Images. Is It Worth It?

This topic has long been a subject of debate among pro photographers and amateurs alike, so naturally we thought we should weigh in on it.…

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