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Completely Radical iPhone DSLR Mount!

If you’re into mobile photography you may have seen our post about the iPhone vs the DSLR, well this new iPhone DSLR mount takes iPhone DSLR photography to a new level altogether. The point that the iPhone will never reach DSLR standards is decidedly moot – in that there’s practically no reason to even consider discussing it any further. But…this little device, the PhotoJoJo iPhone SLR Mount brings the iPhone and the DSLR one or two giant steps closer together and for those of you who are torn between convenience and quality, this one’s for you.

Check it out, it’s an DSLR lens to iPhone adapter.

The PhotoJoJo iPhone SLR Mount lets you connect your favorite DSLR lenses to your iPhone, yes, that’s your telephoto, wide angle, macro, or any other favorite piece of glass. Fan of the fantastic 50mm? Yeah, that one fits too. If you’ve been longing to get better depth of field from your iPhone photos, or use a real-life optical zoom, the PhotoJoJo iPhone SLR Mount is for you. So what do you get with the PhotoJoJo iPhone SLR Mount? You’ll get a case, a +20 diopter (which is a fancy way of saying a piece of magnifying glass), a depth-of-field adapter, and the lens mount. You’ll have to choose between the Nikon adapter and the Canon based on the lenses you most typically use, but that should be no trouble as most of us DSLR nuts fall distinctly into one of the two camps.

Now, as far as we can see there are a few caveats to keep in mind when using this little gadget. First off, before you shell out for this bit of kit you’ll need to ensure that your lens has a manually adjustable aperture ring on it, as there’s no option to digitally adjust the aperture.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the anatomy of your DLSR, there is a mirror in the body of the camera that flips the image right side up so that you can see what you are shooting. The iPhone doesn’t have said mirror, so the images taken with the PhotoJoJo iPhone SLR mount will be upside down, not a massive problem given the many ways to flip an image on the iPhone.

You’ll probably lose a few F-stops with the adapter, but a manual adapter ring will help. If your photos come out a tad too dark you can lighten them up in post-processing. Remember all those editing apps you downloaded? Use them here.

Other than that, this little bit of kit is one of the first on the market to let you take your prized SLR lenses out and about with your “favorite” camera, or at least with the camera you use all the time. Get photos like the one below…oh yeah!


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