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iPhoneography Quick Tip: Get Awesome iPhone Shots With A Homemade “Gorilla Cam”

Here’s a super neat iPhoneography trick we wanted to share with you, via the Onemeeeliondollars YouTube channel. You may or may not know…it can be incredibly frustrating to try and get good close-up shots of the animals in the zoo, in particular the monkeys and apes – they are generally not that interested in having their photos taken, but you’ve often got glass and distance to contend with.


Photo by: @ahangman

But what if you could get the apes to come to you? Check out this video below for a non-invasive way to get the primates attention and ultimately get some great photos of them, apparently…it works for humans too! Mark B. Rober, a full-time NASA engineer is responsible for this cool trick, so all the credit goes right to him, but this is just too cool not to share folks.

If you’re looking for more detailed instructions on how to make the Gorilla Cam for yourself, check this video out. We’re guessing you’re probably not just limited to iPhones with this handy little DIY gadget, you could probably rig this up for other types of video cameras, point & shoot cameras, and even DSLR’s. The possibilities are endless…what did you expect from a NASA engineer?


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