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Lets All Get TriggerHappy (Camera Remote)

As you know, we’re massive fans of Kickstarter and the many great projects that have received funding through this fantastic site. There’s certainly been some doozies (Olloclip and POPA to name but a few) and coming soon…the TriggerHappy Camera Remote. This is the perfect crossover product for iPhoneographers and “standard” photographers alike as it integrates a very practical use for your iPhone (as a remote) into your DSLR workflow. How cool is that?


Sure, there are apps out there that act as a DSLR remote, but the majority of them require Internet to function, something most of us don’t have when standing on the top of a mountain or when shooting anywhere other than in our own home or near a wi-fi spot (not hugely convenient). So the TriggerHappy Camera Remote will surely be the answer to your Internet lacking camera remote, replacing all the other apps and devices you might be using to remotely trigger your DSLR shutter.

How does it work?

The unit itself comes with two parts, a one meter cable that connects your DSLR and iPhone via the standard 3.5mm audio jack and the TriggerHappy app (that will be available in both the App Store and the Android Marketplace). The app itself includes:

  • Simple camera trigger
  • Bulb mode for long exposures (from 1 second to 24 hours)
  • Time-lapse mode with a complete intervalometer. Can also shoot HDR time-lapse and uses bramping
  • Bramping (changing the exposure over time) allows for shooting day to night time-lapse
  • HDR mode – shoot up to 9 shots with 16 EV stops

The good folks at TriggerHappy are also looking at integrating face, lightning, and audio detection along with a way to trigger the camera when the accelerometer data of the phone changes. These guys have thought of everything!!

So you’re probably wondering what cameras are supported and how you can get your hands on one? There’s a comprehensive list of supported devices on the TriggerHappy Kickstarter page, in brief many of the Canon, Nikon and even some of the Kodak, Fuji, Contax, Pentax, and Samsung cameras are supported. Unfortunately Sony, Panasonic and Olympus are not yet supported but the team does have plans to support them, so don’t fret just yet.

TriggerHappy Camera Remote will be shipping from the 1st of June 2012, so get pledging by the 4th of May if you want to receive yours in the first shipment.

For more details check out triggerhappyremote.com


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