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Move Your Facebook Photos to Google+

So Google+ seems to be the talk of web town right now! If you’re thinking about moving over from Facebook, but wondering (or dreading) how to move your facebook photos to Google +, this post is for you! We’ll show you how to move all of your Facebook photo albums in one go, or just move a select few photos!

Move Facebook Photos To Google+

There’s several ways to move your Facebook photos over to Google+ but one of the simplest ways we’ve found is through the Facebook Fotolink app.
Fotolink helps you link up all of your online photo accounts and share photos between them. How easy is that? Here’s the step-by-step on how to use it:

Step 1: Visit the Fotolink Facebook App page.

Fotolink Facebook App

Step 2: Give Fotolink permission to access your page.

Step 3: From the Fotolink app page, click on the Photo Accounts tab.

Fotolink Photo Accounts Tab

Step 4: Choose the accounts you would like to link – since you’re moving to Google+ be sure to click on Picasa Web Albums. You may need to verify your Picasa account with your details.

Link Your Accounts With Fotolink

Step 5: Now you should see your Picasa web albums listed underneath all of My Albums in the sidebar on the left of the app.

Fotolink Online Accounts

Step 6: To move photos from one account to another, simply open up one of your Facebook albums, Select All, and Copy.

Step 7: Now create a new Picasa album with the Create New Album link. Input the name and the privacy settings of your new album, open up the album and click Paste.

Step 6 Fotolink

That’s it! Navigate over to your Google + account and you should see the photos you’ve copied over under the Photos tab.

If you’re using Google Chrome, an even simpler way of moving your photos is by using the Move Your Photos browser extension. You can install it and move all of your photos (or a selection) quickly with this method too, let’s try it out:

Step 1: Install the Move Your Photos Google Chrome browser extension.

Move Your Photos

Step 2: Click on the Move Your Photos extension in the toolbar.

Step 3: Login to Facebook and give Move Your Photos permission to access your page.

Move Your Photos Login

Step 4: You will now be directed to the Move Your Photos extension where you can Check All, Uncheck All, or select individual photos to be uploaded. A yellow stroke around the photo indicates that it is in the queue to be uploaded.

Move Your Photos Selections

Step 5: Once you’ve chosen all of the photos you want to move, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Upload!

The Move Your Photos extension is particularly great if you’ve got a lot of photos to upload and you want to get the job done quickly!

So there’s two really simple ways to move your photos over from Facebook to Google+. Comon’ then, join the revolution.


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