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Photoshop Touch Launches For iPad!

Fans of the very popular desktop photo editing suite Photoshop have been (long) waiting the release of the platform for the iPad…and at long last it has arrived. After a lot of speculation about the app, Photoshop Touch has finally arrived, well…for iPad 2 users, the iPad first gen folks will have to use another app (or upgrade).



So what are the main features? Well apart from the standard photo editing features you would expect from an app of this nature the feature list also includes:

  • Layers, selection tools, adjustments and filters
  • Camera fill feature lets you fill a selected area using your iPad camera
  • Scribble Selection tool (similar to auto-select)
  • Refine Edge tools to edit even difficult details like hair and trees
  • Inspiration gallery gives step-by-step instructions for several styles and techniques
  • Integrated with Google Image Search and Facebook
  • Save images (maximum resolution 1600px x 1600px) to Facebook, and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Print via AirPrint

Check out this video to learn a little bit more…

Without having tried the actual app ourselves (we’re waiting for the iPad 3 before we upgrade our hardware), its hard to say whether we would dive right in and get the app for these reasons; it doesn’t work on the first gen iPads, the print resolution isn’t high enough for our liking, and then of course there is the whopping $9.99 (£6.99 / €7.79) price tag. For those of us who want to print large format from the iPad, this doesn’t cut the mustard…yet…we would expect an update shortly to address this issue as surely we’re not the only ones this would deter.

We will surely provide a “proper” review of the app, as soon as someone sends us an iPad 2. Any takers? No? Ok then, in the meantime send us your thoughts on the app in the comments…


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