Welcome to the Give a Smile Giveaway!

This is our second giveaway with Instacanvas. This time around, it’s a whole new format… and it’s about smiles!

There are two ways to enter:

  • the Super Simple option with a single prize:
    your Instagram photo printed on high quality canvas.

  • the Double Prize option with dual wins:
    your photos as 2 canvas prints, or on 2 iPhone cases, or 1 canvas + 1 iPhone case

There will be 2 winners – one for each category.
You can enter either category or both. Your pick! Entering in both categories will increase your chances of being one of the two winners!

The contest is open to both iPhone and Android users.

Pick your option

One simple step

Two steps
including Instacanvas registration

The Super Simple Option – 1 canvas print prize

In the box below, enter a quote related to smiling. That’s it. It can be one you’ve thought up or one you’ve found online.

We need your Instagram user name so that we can get in touch if you win.

You can leave your email address if we can reach you faster through your inbox if you win.

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The Double Prize Option – 2 canvas prints or
2 iPhone cases prize

Participation will take 1 or 2 quick steps, depending on whether you’re already registered on Instacanvas.

  • Register on Instacanvas and create your gallery of Instagram photos.
    Here’s the link to register - click “Sign in” at the top right hand corner.
  • In the box below, paste the URL of a photo from your Instacanvas gallery.

If you’re already registered on Instacanvas, just enter the Instacanvas URL for one of your photos.

It’s best if the photo you choose is related to the Give a Smile theme, but it’s not an obligation, as we want to give everyone a chance to participate in the second option.

We need your Instagram user name to get in touch if you win.

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