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A Selection of Great Instagram Apps

To continue our celebration of our latest eBook – the Go-To Guide for Instagram, today we’re posting about some of the Instagram apps you can use to supersize your Instagram experience. Now before you’re all “HUH? I thought Instagram WAS the app to use?”, and we say with a resounding “YES! It still is!”…but there’s a few apps that can improve the way you view your photos, help you find new followers, and just generally expand your Instagram fun, and as far as we’re concerned that’s pretty darned cool.




Ok, we love this app for the name alone…Insta-BAM! InstaBAM! Woo, it’s so much fun just to say it! Try it for yourself…emphasis on the BAM. We challenge you not to smile. Further to the awesome name, Instabam uses your location to find all of the photos that have been taken within a certain distance of your location. So check out the world around you through the eyes of Instagram. Oh yeah, and it’s FREE!




Instaradar is a bit like InstaBAM but rather than show you photos via your location, you can use an interactive map to search, explore, and view Instagram photos via geo location. This is an awesome way to check out not only points around you, but places all over the world! Why not check out your next vacation spot on Instagram before you go?




Instamap is essentially a browser for Instagram and like Instaradar it allows you to browse and view Instagram photos by location or geo tag. But what’s really cool about Instamap is that it’s a “real-time” browser, meaning you can load a location, or a feed and watch as photos from that location are uploaded, in real time. You can also view popular photos and your own stream in gallery mode.




Instagallery is an Instagram browser, and gallery all in one! Not only can you browse and view photos full-size or thumbnail, but you can also create sets of your favorite photos. Instagallery has many of the same functions as the Instagram app itself, you can follow, like, search, with the added ability to email your own Instagram photos to friends. You can also hook up this useful app to your Apple TV via AirPlay to share photos or view slideshows.




Instashow is a nifty little app that shows a live stream slideshow of the people you’re following, your photos, the photos you’ve liked, or show photos from a #hashtag. View your Instagram feed vertically, horizontally and with a variety of cool frames and tiles!




Instadesk is an Instagram desktop client for Mac. Much like the (many) web-based Instagram clients, you can browse your own feed and those you are following. InstaDesk also has a cool social graph to help you find new people to follow. With all of the functionality of the Instagram app, you can keep up with your favourite “photo twitter” app straight from your desktop. Your boss will never know you’re surfing Instagram…




Like InstaDesk, Carousel is a Mac desktop app made for viewing, liking, commenting, saving, and much much more… Carousel will appeal to the minimalist in everyone, it simply does what it says on the tin, and for that we’re grateful! Simple, easy, and slick Instagram operations in one useful Mac app!


12 Responses to “A Selection of Great Instagram Apps”

  1. I’m learning about Instagram, and I had no idea it had it’s own apps until I found this sight. I’m excited to try them out!

    • Alex Morris
    • Reply
  2. there is http://www.wegram.com too!

    • Luigi
    • Reply
  3. Instagram is a really cool app. I’m glad that people appreciate it and create new apps for it. I’ve just seen another nice colection of photo apps for Instagram which can please you photodoto.com/26-instagram-apps-view-enjoy-photos-like-pro/

  4. A new app that just launched is Picisto, which lets you create photo collages of your Instagram apps. http://www.picisto.com

    • Bob Parsons
    • Reply
  5. It looks cool and all build aroung maps, have you checked out streetgram.net ?


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