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Camera Genius iPhone App – For Beginner iPhoneographers

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CAMERA GENIUS iPhone App has a really good selection of features that lets users take, edit, and share not only images but also videos, within the app. It does a good job of outperforming the native app, but it’s just not quite feature-heavy enough to beat the best.

Let’s get to the gist of it in the tabs below.

  • Developed by CodeGoo
  • Video support
  • Zoom, guides, burst mode, timer, and sound shot
  • Editing and adjustment tools
  • Photography manual for tips and tutorials
  • Photos and videos can be shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Tumblr, YouTube, Clipboard, and email.
  • Costs $0.99

  • App works smoothly
  • Allows both picture and video taking
  • Multiple sharing options
  • Presence of in-app manual
  • Cheap

  • Quality of photo effects and filters are just okay

√ Beginner iPhone Photographers
 Advanced iPhone Photographers
 Anyone

CAMERA GENIUS is for beginners and novice iPhoneographers who are looking for a cheap, reliable, and most importantly easy iPhone app which serves as a capable replacement for the native camera app.

CAMERA GENIUS iPhone app is a good but not great all-in-one option. It just doesn’t quite measure up feature-wise when compared to its competitors like the popular Camera+ and Top Camera. For many intermediate to advanced iPhoneographers, it will fall short simply due to the fact that it offers less features than its competitors.

The Beginners Lens Verdict

CAMERA GENIUS iPhone app builds on the native camera app by helping users to improve the way they shoot photos. You’ve got all of the basic shooting features including zoom, flash, and use of both back and front camera (for iPhone 4 users). Also included is a useful anti-shake mechanism to help prevent blurry photos, as well as timer and burst modes.

There are a couple of notable shooting features here, namely the “big button” which transforms the whole viewfinder into a shutter button. This is really useful if you’re all thumbs…just tap anywhere on the screen to take your photo! The big button is a big (pun intended) improvement on the painfully small button of the native camera app. Also worthy of an honorable mention is the sound capture mechanism which triggers the shutter button to take a photo on hearing a sound. This feature is really rather unique, and very few apps have it. Of course, the skeptics will say that very few apps have this feature as it’s not really that useful…but we’ll leave that for you to decide.

CAMERA GENIUS also offers good selection of photo filters and effects; and the effects can be used on photos from the camera roll or taken in another app. Although the in-app editing gets the job done, we can’t help but compare it to what others have to offer. If you want to really unleash your creativity, you will be better off with a dedicated editing app like FX Photo Studio, or a more advanced all-in-one such as Camera+, both of which offer superb effects.

We do have to give CAMERA GENIUS props for it’s multiple sharing platforms. Users can share through Email, to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MobileMe, Picasa, Flickr, and save to the clipboard. Another great perk is that several photos can be shared at one time.

Finally, beginner users will find the in-app manual really handy as it serves as a good reference for the newbie photographer. Given that the average user will probably not need several all-in-one apps, CAMERA GENIUS iPhone app is probably better left to those looking for a simple alternative to the native camera app. Yes, it’s good…but there are more comprehensive and ultimately better value for money apps out there.

The Beginners Lens Flash Rating:

We give Camera Genius App 3.5 Flashes
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