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Download All Your Instagram Photos

Hey, did you know we recently launched a brand new Instagram eBook? It’s our official Go-To Guide for Instagram, and it’s pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves…the guide covers everything from beginner to intermediate Instagram tips, tricks & a few nifty tutorials. Get likes, make friends, and much much more! You can get your free copy on the home page.

So to celebrate the recent launch we’ve written a few posts on Instagram and why it rocks so much, but also about how you can make the most of Instagram, and ultimately enhance your Instagram experience. We’ll kick things off with a really cool quick tip. Do you upload thousands of photos to your Instagram account? Are you looking for a way to download all your Instagram photos to one place? Need a quick and easy way to backup your Instagram photo feed? Then look no further.

There’s a few websites you can use to do this:

Instaport lets you export a .zip file to your local hard drive, or to other social services like Google +, Flickr, or Facebook! Their interface is really simple, and has some nice options including all photos, the last 10 photos, or a selection of photos related to dates. You can even download the photos you’ve liked. In just a few moments you can have an awesome selection of Instagram photos on your hard drive.



Copygr.am also exports to your local hard drive, but thus far you are limited to downloading only your own photos. Copygr.am have gone a slightly different route to Instaport, teaming up with Snapfish and Keepsy, so while you’re downloading you can also order prints or photo albums from your Instagram photos. We think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?



Pictarine have also recently announced that you can now access and download all of your Instagram (and Twitter) photos through their online photo service. What’s Pictarine? Find out here.



Both services use the basic Instagram API to hook up with your account, and much like the other web-based Instagram services it’s websites like these that enhance the Instagram experience even further. Tune in next week for a roundup of the best apps to take Instagram to the next level.


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