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Instagram FX Challenge – Week 2 Winner

Ok so we realize it’s been a little tiny bit longer than a week since we posted the last winner, but you’ll have to forgive us – half of the team was on holiday so we’re a bit behind ourselves on this…but here it is at last the Instagram FX Challenge Week 2 Winner, and it’s a darn good one if we do say so ourselves!!

Remember…you can join the Instagram FX Challenge too! Check out all of the entry requirements here.


So without further adieu, we’ll introduce you to Instagramer @izkah

Here’s a few words from Izkah plus her winning photo (and a few other great ones) below…

Izkah, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ive always loved taking pictures, but its mostly pictures of me. My husband introduced me to Instagram October of last year. Unfortunately I only had an iPod touch at the time and the picture quality on it wasn’t that good. So I got an iPhone 4 the next month for my birthday and Ive been hooked on Instagram ever since!! The thing i love about iPhoneography is that its no frills photography. You take a shot, you edit and you post it. No change of lenses, no aperture settings, no changing of shutter speed and so on … I dont even understand those terms to tell you the truth! My husband has tried to explain it to me a thousand times and I still don’t get it. Thats why I love iPhoneography….as an amateur, it showcases my skill in taking pictures, pushes me to see things in a different light and with the use of photography apps, helps me edit and transform my pictures into a work of art without the hassle of using expensive DSLRs.


Do you have any tips to share with other iPhoneographers?

I’m not sure I’m in a place where I should be giving tips just yet, but from what I’ve learned from using Instagram for almost a year now is to keep taking lots of pictures. Just keep shooting, you never know when you might get that perfect shot! Another thing is to look for colors that pop, contrasting colors make for an eye-catching photo that will definitely take u to pop page. Lastly, try to stick with the rule of thirds…helps in achieving great composition.


Would you share with us your recipe for the winning photo?


Izkah’s Winning Photo


It was really simple actually…I just processed the raw photo with the FX Photo Studio app using hues…I used blue and green and then pink. Then i used Picframe to make a collage of 3 frames. That’s it!!

Tune in next week for another Instagram FX Challenge winner interview!!


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