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International iPhoneography Show – Winner Interviews Pt 3

Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing some interviews and iPhoneography words of wisdom from the winners of the International iPhoneography Show, hosted by FX Photo Studio (co-hosted by yours truly). This is the final of the 3 interviews, this week’s winner Yair Kobaiko Kivaiko comes to us with a fun, cute, and unique photo giving even more proof (if you needed it) that simplicity is almost always best.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background in photography?

I am 30 yrs. old, born and raised in Israel, and I live in the amazing Tel Aviv. I don’t really have a background in photography…I only use my iPhone camera.

What do you find inspiring about iPhoneography? Why do you love it?

I love it because it is so easy and so quick to catch the moments I want, give them my interpretation using filters and share them. What used to take hours with a regular camera: Taking the shot (that is, if you have the camera on you), transfer them to the computer, filtering with Photoshop, and finally upload to the net. The whole thing is now a 3 minute process, when you use apps like FX photo studio, Photo Forge, Hipstamatic, Instagram etc.

Tell us about the winning photograph, where and when was it taken? Does it have a name?

It was taken on october 2011 in the bathroom of my apartment. I walked in to take a shower and one of the hangers was hanging there, and I noticed it looked like half a heart. So I took another hanger, put it next to the first one and took the picture. I’ve called it Love. Actually. Since it’s just love…actually.

What type of editing did you do to create the final look?

I used 2 filters from FX photo studio to give the photo the “Dirty” look, I thought it would be more powerful if you saw the heart in an more unnatural environment.

What tips and tricks would you share with other iPhoneographers?

Experiment with as many apps you can, find the strongest filters in each one of them and combine. My photos sometimes go through 3-4 different apps to get to the desired result. Another tip is: Be a “tourist” wherever you go. Take photos in the middle of the street, and in weird situations with no shame. The best shots always come from these types of situations.

Do you have any favorite apps and treatments?

I mostly use Camera+, Snapseed, Big Lens and FX photo studio for the editing and Instagram to upload and share.

To check out more of Yair’s work you can visit his blog Kobaiko.com (in Hebrew).
Instagram: @Kobaiko
Twitter: @Kobaiko


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  1. Thank you so much for the interview and the nice words :)

    • Our pleasure,and congratulations again!

      • Guy Yang

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