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iPhone Controlled Home Security Camera

You might have guessed that we’re gadget geeks around here…and we like stuff that we can control with our iPhone, and that’s image related! This new little gadget ticks all of the boxes. That’s right folks, you can get yourself an iPhone controlled home security camera. But it’s not just iPhone controlled, this little beauty can be controlled from any iDevice! *dancing a little geek shuffle around the room* The iZON Remote Room Monitor, recently released by Stem Innovation is touted to be an innovative and elegant video camera that enables you to view and listen to activity in your home or office from anywhere in the world on you iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.


What’s really great about this little device is it’s simplicity, it’s essentially a plug-and-play device, and a reasonably priced one at that. Use the camera to keep tabs on any room in your house while you’re away on vacation, or you could even use it as a baby monitor! This crafty little gadget uses a secure encryption to stream video and audio through your wi-fi network. You can even set up multiple iZON cameras on one network and view them all through an in-app list. Better than that if you’ve got a few locations you want to keep tabs on you can set up multiple iZON networks and view them from the app.


Sold? You can pick one up for just $129.99. For now it’s only available through steminnovation.com – this is not an affiliate link and we have no vested interest in promoting Stem Innovation, we just like that product – and selected Best Buy stores in the United States, but it will be coming to an Apple store or a Target store near you early 2012.


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