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iPhoneography Quick Tip: Create More Space on Your iPhone

To follow on from last week’s iPhoneography Quick Tip where we talked about speeding up your iPhone camera for iPhoneography, today we’re discussing a few ways to find more space on your phone so you can take more photos! Admittedly, there may be a bit of crossover material here but we’re sure you’ll find it just as useful!

Storage space is a hot commodity on the iPhone (and on the iPad for that matter), especially if you’ve opted for one of the smaller sizes…so if you constantly find yourself running out of space we’ve got a few options for you to try. There are 3 major space hogs on your iDevice: Music, Apps, and Photos. As frustrating as it can be to be told your iDevice doesn’t have enough space to complete an action, we suggest you resist the urge to just start deleting whatever you think you don’t need right then…take a bit of time to re-group and re-organize your iDevice and you’ll be thankful you spent the time doing it!

Music Matters with iTunes Match

If you’re a music lover, a good option for you may be to start using iTunes Match, which is an add-on service to Apple’s iCloud. The service, which stores your entire music library in iCloud lets you access your the music on your IOS device without taking up precious storage space. The service will cost you $24.99 per year, but it’s worth it if you store a lot of music on your iDevice. It’s available in the US and several other countries and all you need to get started is an iTunes ID, which you probably have if you’ve been downloading apps… However, it’s important to note that to access music on your iDevice a wi-fi connection is required so you’ll need to keep that in mind when using this method to clear space.


Drop Unnecessary Apps

The key to dropping “the right apps” is to check which ones you use the least, and which ones take up the most space…you can do this from your Settings app. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Usage and you should see all of your apps listed from largest to smallest. Now just go through and see which ones you use and which can be deleted and tap the big red Delete button next to the app name. Remember that deleting apps on your iDevice isn’t a permanent thing, so should you need it again you can retrieve it easily, even if it’s not been backed up in iTunes. If you want to re-install an app on your iPhone, open up the App Store and hit the Updates tab, now tap on Purchased. From there hit the Not On This Device tab to see all of the apps that you have purchased or installed that are no longer on your device. It’s also worth remembering that when you delete apps from your device you wipe out all of the statistics and scores stored in that app, so if it’s a game or something you’ll want to return to at a later date with your statistics intact, you may want to think twice about deleting it.


Back-Up Your Photos and Delete

This is indeed a sensitive one for a lot of people as it somehow feels a little bit “wrong” to delete photos from your phone, but as long as you have them backed up on your computer, and ideally somewhere online then chances are you don’t need ALL of your photos on your phone. Especially for those of us who take a heck of a lot of photos! With the introduction of the 4S’s 8MP camera, photos have gotten much bigger in size with one photo weighing in at 2.5MB or more, and HD video is even more space hungry! We recommend you back up via iTunes, or using Image Capture to your computer or an external hard drive, and we would also recommend using the new Dropbox Automatic Photo Uploading feature as if your computer or hard drive fails then you’ve still got a second backup of your precious photos.


Get Control of Your Camera Roll

To follow-on from the last point, you can get a head start on keeping your iDevice de-cluttered by ensuring that you only save the photos you truly need, at the correct resolution. Many apps have “photo saving” options, so do be sure to check out the saving options in each third-party app you install. Two notable apps to mention in this respect are Instagram and Camera+, where both offer the option to save your photos within the app only, or within both the app and your camera roll. Further to that you can save original photos, edited photos, both, or neither. By checking your photography apps photo-saving settings you can ensure you’re not saving multiple (unnecessary) versions of each photo and ultimately save yourself a heck of a lot of room on your iDevice.



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  1. The 4S is 8MP no?
    I think their might be an error in the article.

    • Jonas Rico
    • Reply
    • Hey Jonas, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve changed it to the correct resolution.

      • Guy Yang

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