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iPhoneography Quick Tip: Enable & Use Emoji Icons for Instagram

So you’ve been using Instagram…(or one of the many other hundreds of apps where folks are using Emoji) and you’re wondering how the heck they’re adding all of these swish little icons to their text, captions, and comments? You’ll be pleased to know it’s a very simple few taps to enable Emoji on your iDevice!


Previously, Emoji were only readily available to iPhone users in Japan, however they were available to worldwide users via a hack or through the installation of an app…they now come standard on every iPhone. Once enabled, you will be able to use them whenever you are using the keyboard that includes in (most) apps, when texting, emailing, writing notes, etc etc. Additionally, most Emoji are now universal, meaning users on other devices should also be able to see them, depending on their model of phone and software.

To enable & use Emoji icons on your iPhone follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app.
2. Navigate to General > Keyboard > Keyboards
3. Tap Add New Keyboard…
4. Scroll down and tap on Emoji – Dutch and Estonian – to add it to your International Keyboards

(Note: if you do not see Emoji in the list of International Keyboards, it may already be installed, if that is the case you should see it in the Keyboards list).

To use Emoji in an Instagram post (or wherever you are typing), when you are ready to type, open up the keyboard and tap the button that looks like a globe with latitude and longitude marks. Scroll through the Emoji and add to your post as you see fit!



9 Responses to “iPhoneography Quick Tip: Enable & Use Emoji Icons for Instagram”

  1. That’s pretty cool! Thanks :)

    • King Kong
    • Reply
  2. Such a big help. Thanks!! Two thumbs up!

  3. Thanks!!! =)

    • wewo
    • Reply
  4. I did what it says but.. There’s no emoji thing at all.. It’s not in my keyboards

    • Joey
    • Reply
    • Hi Joey, that’s strange. It should be between Dutch and Estonian in the list of languages, in iOS6.

      • Guy Yang
  5. Thanks

    • Kewan
    • Reply
  6. Still how do u put emoji on Instagram

    • Samantha
    • Reply
    • After setting up your emoji keyboard in the general settings app (the one with grey gears), use this button http://screencast.com/t/S7otUZMs when you type a comment in Instagram, to switch keyboard. Hope that helps!

      • Guy Yang

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