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iPhoneography with Instagramer Brandy Byrd

We know how many of you are obsessed with

Instagram, and frankly we are too. So we thought it would be pretty neat to catch up with some of the top Instagramers and get their take on iPhoneography. We’re kicking this off with graphic designer and fan of all things lo-fi (girl after my own heart) Brandy Byrd. Take it away Brandy!

iPhoneography with Brandy Byrd


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background in photography?

I am a graphic designer. I have never really been interested in photography until I ran across Instagram. So you could say my background in photography is not a traditional one.

How and when did you catch the iPhoneography bug?

I stumbled across Instagram the day it was released and was instantly hooked!

iPhoneography with Brandy Byrd


What makes the medium so special for you?

I always have my iphone on me, so whenever something catches my eye, I’m able to snap a photo of it. I do have a DSLR, but because of the size, I never carry it with me. Another thing that draws me to the iphone as a camera is the simplicity… just focus and snap.

You’ve got some awesome lo-fi images in your Instagram feed – what do you love about lo-fi?

To me, camera phones are kind of the new lo-fi. The thing I love most is the stripped down nature of the image. I love the scratches and pops in vinyl records, classic movies untouched by time, and the simplicity that lo-fi provides… different from the CGI/Photoshop we are bombarded with today.

iPhoneography with Brandy Byrd


What tips and tricks would you share with other iPhoneographers?

Always keep your camera (or phone) with you. Don’t be afraid to take a photo of everything that catches your eye.

Do you have any favorite apps and treatments?

Instagram with the earlybird filter. It’s the only app and editing I use.

iPhoneography with Brandy Byrd


What do you envision for the future of iPhoneography for casual photographers? For professionals?

You’re able to document everything… at any time. I think moments that may have gone unnoticed in the past, will be documented now. Even the little things.. and those are important. I know there has been a lot said about the quality of images that are taken with mobile devices vs. professional equipment… it will be interesting to see how technology will progress because of this.

Tell us a little bit about your current and future iPhoneography projects.

I mainly just document my daily life, so I don’t really have any projects in the works. For more life in lo-fi with Brandy Byrd, check out her website or follow her on Instagram @bbyrd

iPhoneography with Brandy Byrd


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