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iPhoneography with Instagramer Jussi Ulkuniemi

So you know how we’ve been interviewing awesome iPhoneographers and Instagramers…well we’re back with another instalment to the Instagram series! This week we’re talking to Jussi Ulkuniemi aka @skwii. Jussi’s Instafeed really stood out to us – it’s creative, interesting, and a little bit different to the norm, in a very good way! iPhoneography all the way from Finland people…get on board.

Jussi 1


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background in photography?

I’m Jussi Ulkuniemi, a 19 year old to-be-artist of some kind, from Finland. The “to-be” part comes from a fact that I still don’t know what I’m about to do for the next ten years or so. It may be performing as a dancer or an actor, or possibly graphic design and photography. It’s all about expression and that’s what I’m passionate about. Other than that I also love warm-hearted people, chili and garlic! Currently I’m working as a Graphic Designer.

How and when did you get involved in iPhoneography? What do you love about it?

I got interested in taking pictures with my dear iphone 3GS almost instantly when I got it about two years ago. It was the fascination of apps like Hipstamatic and PictureShow that first stirred the passion, but it was after TiltShiftGen that my Camera Roll really blossomed. (DoF<3<3) Then came Instagram and blew it all sky-high. It was everyday learning of photgraphy, chatting with pros and shooting the rest of the day for the next 6 months straight for me...! I had always loved photography but I would have never guessed it would play such a big role in my life. Today I'm equipped with about 30 photography apps of awesomeness and can clearly say the $$ I spent was not wasted. My iPhonegraphy is also a part of the reason I got my current job as a graphic designer. What I love about iPhonegraphy is the way how you must simplify everything you see. Good iPhonegraphy is often something that stirs interest even if it's displayed in a size of a postage stamp. The other thing is the possibility to take pictures of the public on the street AKA street photography without people getting too nervous. IPhonegraphy is the easiest way to capture people in a normal, non-posing and cautious situations. [imageeffect type="frame" align="aligncenter" width="400" height="400" alt="Jussi 2" url="http://thebeginnerslens.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/jussi1.jpg" ]


We see from your Instagram profile you’re shooting with an iPhone 3GS, which just shows it’s the photographer not the camera…that said, do you find the 3GS camera limiting? Do you plan to upgrade to the 4GS?

Well… There are times… a lot of times actually…! Especially the Finn- style loooong and dark winter. The iphone will shut itself in the cold pretty fast, not to mention the amount of grain and shutter speed… Now don’t get me wrong here: I really love taking silhouettes, but mostly it’s the only proper way to photograph in dim light… Argh! I’ve loved my 3gs long and well, even done some own cases for it… But yes, can’t wait to upgrade to the 4S!!! Maybe then I’ll be able to have some more motion to my pics and maybe freeze a passerby at close range…stalk stalk! Ha!

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Your photos have a great mix of several effects with an emphasis on faded cool tones, interesting portraits and silhouettes. How would you describe your photography style? Where do you find shooting inspiration?

There are a lot of sources of inspirations to my photography, about as much as how many I’m following in Instagram and more, but the things that make my photography style “me” are my cartoonish interests and the passion for modern art. I quess what I’m aiming for is somehow avant-garde. Art for art’s sake that is.

Jussi 4


What tips and tricks would you share with other iPhoneographers?

My tip for other iPhonegraphers is to treat your iPhone like a real camera, concentrate and take deep breath when shooting. Use two hands for steadiness. Watch the lines and create compositions like a pro. Oh, and keep things simple…

Tell us a little bit about your current and future iPhoneography projects, if any.

I currently have no ongoing iPhonegraphy projects, the work and social life is keeping me too busy to really indulge myself into iPhonegraphy right now. But being busy has it’s ups and downs. Everything that comes up these days are purely improv and on the go, fascinating bits of everyday life turned into art.

You can check out Jussi’s Keepsy gallery here, or perhaps you want to buy his album?

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