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iPhoneography With Miss Pixels

We’re back with the second instalment to our new series of interviews with iPhoneographers from around the globe! Today we’re introducing Miss Pixels, an iPhoneographer, graphic designer and illustrator from Quebec, Canada. Her iPhotos have reached viewers far and wide and she’s had kudos from Wired Magazine, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, as well as being featured in recent publication “Create Great iPhone Photos”. So without further adieu, let’s get to the good stuff!

Miss Pixels

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into iPhoneography.

I am a freelance illustrator and art director. Since I have a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design, I have always been inclined to trying out new technologies, especially when these technologies enable me to create. In 2009, I bought my first iPhone and it was love at first sight: I had finally found a medium combining my passion for technology with my thirst for creativity!

What does iPhoneography mean to you? How is it different from regular photography?

I had a few traditional photography courses at university, but this medium didn’t really fit with my upbeat personality; I also had trouble being spontaneous while using it and was intimidated by its technical aspects. Contrary to traditional photography, iPhoneography allows me to be spontaneous wherever I am and whatever the occasion, without having to worry about my technique since this device does have limitations. In short, I quickly abandoned all the more traditional cameras to concentrate on this new medium, which is the only one I bring when travelling.

Do you feel you have an iphoneography style? If so, how would you describe it?

Do I have an iPhoneography style? Yes. My color palette is by definition very expressive and gets people’s attention. Moreover, I tend to overuse the numerical noise and the grain in an exponential way. My iPhone photos are also featured in themed series’. I think all these elements contribute to my uniqueness, making my pictures different from those taken with conventional mobile devices. If I had to put a label on my style, I would have to call it “Vivacity 2.0″!

Do you think it’s important to have an iPhoneography style?

I believe an artist has by definition a style, as he does a personality. It’s what enables him to propel his creativity field with such strength. The main difference between an artist and an amateur is his ability to create signature visual concepts in a unique language.

Miss Pixels

What would you recommend for a beginner iPhoneographer to easily learn the craft?

As many might concur, joining the social media movement is by far the best way to integrate into the iPhoneography community. Attending events and taking part in conversations with people sharing your interests will definitely generate reactions and bring attention to your work.

What tips could you share with budding iPhoneographers?

  • Always ask yourself whether or not your image is quality worthy of the best before posting it online. The image might seem interesting to you due to the context it was taken in, but might not be of interest to others. For example, it takes great humility to recognize that your cat’s picture, as cute as it may be, might not entertain someone who has seen 800 pictures just like it. Your main challenge will be to make your cat’s picture unique and original!
  • The basic apps I use are FX Photo Studio, TiltShift and PhotoForge. What I like best about FX Photo Studio is the fact that I can save my multi-filter recipe, thus making sure the images in my series have the same graphic signature.
  • When I want to put emphasis on a certain effect, I process the image several times in the same app, saving the image and then reopening it again. A simple but effective way of doubling or tripling the desired effect!

Check out more of Miss Pixels’ iPhoneography at MissPixels.

Miss Pixels


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