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Pro HDR – Shoot Stunning HDR Photos On The iPhone

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PRO HDR proudly brings high dynamic range (HDR) photography right to your fingertips…anytime, anywhere. No need to painstakingly shoot multiple photos, transfer them to the computer, manually align and tonemap them – do it all on your iPhone.

Let’s get to the gist of it in the tabs below.

  • Developed by eyeApps LLC
  • Automatic and Manual HDR modes
  • Quickly aligns full-size photos
  • Photo Library support
  • Save images at 3 or 5 megapixels
  • Share HDR outputs through email
  • Costs US$1.99

  • Clean and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Option to shoot single HDR photo or multiple shots to be combined into one HDR photo
  • Customizable exposure settings
  • Alignment is very good
  • Accessible tutorial on HDR

 Beginner iPhone Photographers
 Advanced iPhone Photographers
√ Anyone

PRO HDR is for anyone who wants to try out HDR photography on the iPhone! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this app is a must-have as it vastly improves the quality of your shots, even those taken in low-light. Advanced users may still prefer to process HDR photos using Adobe Photoshop for more flexibility but if you’re into HDR on-the-move, this app will surely come in handy.

Arguably, PRO HDR is by far the most intelligent and flexible HDR photo app in the market today.

The Beginners Lens Verdict

PRO HDR has hit the nail on the head when it comes to what users really want from an app – something that offers several options for different shooting circumstances while delivering good results.

With PRO HDR, iPhoneographers have two shooting options: Automatic HDR and Manual HDR. If you’re in a hurry or want to avoid taking multiple shots, just choose Auto HDR and all you have to do is to tap on the screen and PRO HDR will do the rest. If you want to flex your creativity, try out the Manual HDR mode which enables you to choose the brightness and darkness for each of the HDR images you capture.

With PRO HDR you’ve also got the freedom to adjust settings such as saturation, brightness, contrast, and tint to get a better output unlike other HDR apps where the final photo is as unchangeable – what you shoot is what you get (good or bad).

This app is also pretty darn clever…PRO HDR prompts you to take a photo of a dark part and bright part of a scene. Then it will automatically “align” the pictures and blend them together. The result is an HDR photo that is much closer to what the eye sees, but that the iPhone camera could not possibly see with such a small sensor.

The only real drawback here is that you might be waiting awhile for the shots to process…the rendering stage is quite lengthy to be frank. But hey, what can we say? Results like this take a bit of time. While the results are not likely to be as what a DSLR could offer, they are still way above what a regular camera phone can deliver. With Pro HDR and iPhone 4’s built-in HDR function, you’ll blow away any smartphone competition by a mile.

It is a pity that the developers haven’t integrated sharing photos to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr especially now that online photo sharing is a major trend, but ultimately we can live with this oversight as we’re pretty sure it will be included in the next update. How could they not include it?

Overall, this is a fantastic go-to app for creating HDR photos on the iPHone. At $1.99, we think it’s money very well spent.

The Beginners Lens Flash Rating:

We give Pro HDR 4.5 Flashes
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