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The Gizmon Clip-On Lenses for iPhone

We’ve seen magnetic lenses, we’ve seen lenses with full-body cases, and NOW we’ve seen clip-on lenses! Thanks to Gizmon, there’s a new kind of iPhone lens in town and it’s convenience might just make it one of the best on the market. We all know that the iPhone camera is capable of taking some pretty darn impressive photos – but there are only so many effects that can be added in the editing process – filters only go so far ya know? Eventually most of us iPhoneographers will want to take things to the next level with lenses and the three on offer from Gizmon are a great starting point.


The Gizmon clip-on lenses are available in fisheye, 3-image “mirage”, and circular polarizer. Now, you’ve most certainly come across a fisheye before so you’ll probably know what to expect there. However, the 3-image “mirage” and polarizer are a bit different (read: very interesting). The 3-image “mirage” is essentially an image splitting lens, giving the effect that your subject appears three times in the same scene and although this is definitely unique and different we do feel the novelty factor will probably wear off after using it just a few times.

Now, the polarizer that is a different story altogether – as far as we know this is the first circular polarizer lens on the market for iPhone users and as far as we’re concerned of all three of the lenses on offer, this is the one to get, hands down. A polarizer by nature improves the saturation in your image, has the ability to cut reflections from glass or water and makes the blue of the sky or the ocean look more blue…”bluer”, if you will. It’s one of the only photographic effects or filters that actually cannot be added with software and post-production editing. As this is a circular polarizer you simply adjust the amount of light you want to cut out or let in by turning the lens, it’s that easy!

Back to the design, the clips themselves fit snugly over the corner of your iDevice and are the perfect length to cover the camera lens with no further adjustment. You really only need one clip as the lenses unscrew from the clip, making all 3 easily interchangeable. The Gizmon clip-on lenses come in at a reasonable $35 each and they’re available from the Four Corner Store. Not only that but they work with your iPhone and the iPad too…so whatcha waiting for?



One Response to “The Gizmon Clip-On Lenses for iPhone”

  1. The clip on idea looks good, the wide angle and the Polariser would be great but as you say Guy, The 3 image “mirage’ lens is a gimmick. It reminds me of the Cokin filter of a few years ago which did the same thing and every photographer bought one and used it about twice before consigning it to the junk box. They would be better spending their time on getting a telephoto lens or a Macro lens sorted.


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