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Top Camera App For iPhone – A True Powerhouse

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TOP CAMERA app for iPhone is a complete, one-stop shop for all your iPhoneography needs. It brings a lot to the table and is capable of shooting, editing, and sharing photos in-app, doing them all so well that you might be left to wonder why you need all those other apps…

Let’s get to the gist of it in the tabs below.

  • Developed by Lucky Clan
  • Full-featured camera app
  • Packed with lots of editing options including 36 photo filters
  • Organize and store photos effectively through Folder Manager
  • Share images through Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr
  • Export photos to photo library, email, and clipboard
  • Costs US$0.99 (introductory price)

  • Slick and professional-looking interface
  • Intuitive
  • Camera app is highly versatile
  • Top of the line editing features
  • Organizing photos is not a problem at all
  • Several sharing options

  • No means yet to compare edited photo to the original version

 Beginner iPhone Photographers
 Advanced iPhone Photographers
√ Anyone

TOP CAMERA is for anyone looking for a solid app that can cover shooting, editing, and sharing both swiftly and easily. TOP CAMERA app is great for beginners as it’s easy to use and not at all intimidating; pros will certainly love the impressive feature set.

TOP CAMERA is chock full of features iPhoneographers are looking for in a camera replacement app, you might just be tempted to give up all your other camera replacement apps for this one. Yes, it’s that good.

The Beginners Lens Verdict

In many aspects, TOP CAMERA is definitely ahead of the pack. What makes it so much better than its competitors? It has tons of practical features, and just generally makes iPhoneography much easier. It’s as if the developers just picked every useful feature of the (many) camera replacement apps out there, threw in some additional functions and effects and rolled out the TOP CAMERA app.

The built-in camera delivers in almost every aspect and completely squashes the iPhone native camera app. The best shooting features include: Image stabilizer, timer, zoom, burst mode, auto white balance, exposure and focus box, virtual horizon, whole-screen button options, and much much more. There’s also a bonus HDR function which is similar to dedicated HDR photo apps such as ProHDR. We are particularly impressed with the slow shutter mode of this app, it’s great for night photography and flowing water, and we are simply astounded with the outputs.

When it comes to editing, TOP CAMERA does not disappoint. There is just a plethora of editing options. You can crop in free mode, rotate, and flip photos. You can also enhance pretty much every aspect of your photos including saturation, contrast, shadows, and tones. And if that’s not enough, there are many imaginative filter effects and borders available to boost the photo.

TOP CAMERA also offers the most convenient way to organize and store your photos through its Folder Manager feature – something most other camera replacement apps out there do not feature. Sharing is also a breeze through Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr or you can choose to export it to photo library and clipboard. The recent upgrade incorporated Dropbox support as well.

From shooting, editing, and sharing photos, TOP CAMERA is truly at the TOP of the game (pun intended). This is like buying (at least) 4 apps-in-one! Highly recommended!

The Beginners Lens Flash Rating:

We give Top Camera App 5 Flashes
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One Response to “Top Camera App For iPhone – A True Powerhouse”

  1. I am still new to iPhone photography, and photography in general, but after reading this great review I bought Top Camera. I spend the last day exploring the settings and it will be my main app going forward. Timer, sound shutter activations, stabilization, and customizable slow shutter are some of the options I really like. Bust mode can be set to max quality unlike some other apps, but it isn’t customizable so I think Burst Mode, the app, is still an excellent option. I also really like that the editing slider bars show the effect realtime while sliding the bar – much better than Camera Genius.

    One suggestion I have would be for you to date your articles.

    • Keith
    • Reply

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